Anthony Lambatos
Anthony LambatosFooters Catering, MIBE, Social Capitol Events
Heart Leadership and Culture Education

As a leader, your team relies on you for direction, motivation and enthusiasm. Your words, actions and body language all have a significant impact on the success of your team and company. This session will focus on the skills and mindset needed to be a heartfelt leader and foster employee engagement. Anthony will also discuss how to stay energized in your professional life, effective communication tools to ensure your message is understood, leading through adversity, and creative ways to reward and recognize your team. If you’re looking for ways to improve your leadership abilities or would like to be more intentional about how you lead your team, this is the perfect session.

Anthony Lambatos grew up in the catering business working for his father and founder of Footers Catering in Denver, Colorado. Anthony and his wife, April, purchased the business in 2010 and have successfully made the transition to a second-generation family business. With a focus on creating a great place to work, revenue has quadrupled since the purchase of the business. They recently moved Footers Catering into a new facility that will also house their newest venture – a 20,000 square foot event center called Social Capitol. In 2019 the Denver Business Journal named Footers Catering “Small Business of the Year” and they have been recognized as one of the best places to work in Colorado by the Denver Post and Colorado Biz Magazine.

As a sought after speaker nationally within the hospitality industry, Anthony is passionate about helping businesses create a culture that allows their organizations and teams to thrive. He specializes in heart leadership and management of teams with a focus on operational structure and employee engagement. Anthony and April also have a sister company called “MIBE” – MIBE is the acronym for “Make It Better Everyday” and the second part of the Footers’ mission statement. MIBE focuses on education around heart leadership and intentional culture building for the hospitality industry.

Anthony graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Business and in Economics. He is a 40 under 40 award recipient from the Denver Business Journal and was named one of Denver’s top 25 most influential young professionals by Colorado Biz Magazine.

Paula Friedland
Paula Friedland
Soul Speaks: Public Speaking and Beyond

At its foundation, Soul Speaks is a simple yet profound method of helping people get over the fear of public speaking; but the benefits go way beyond that. Through this transformational process, you will Increase your confidence and decrease your fears around speaking, and you will come away with a tangible tool for speaking more powerfully and authentically in all areas of your life. Soul Speaks will help you up your level of connection, engagement, and presence when speaking one-on-one, or in front of any size group, whether you are comfortable with speaking, or shaking in your boots.

Paula has been a counselor (LCSW) and a certified life and executive coach (CPCC) since 2000, including 7 years as a coach for the Tony Robbins organization. She is also a corporate trainer, and has delivered thousands of trainings to a multitude of companies over the past 20 years. She is known for cultivating a connected interaction with every single audience, and aims to make every training educational, engaging, funny and inspirational. Paula is also the co-founder of Soul Speaks, which is a simple but profound approach to getting over the fear of public speaking, that is unlike anything else in the field today. She has helped hundreds of people increase their self confidence in front of groups and in every area of their lives. She is creating a movement for greater, deeper, freer self-expression, one person at a time. The motto of Soul Speaks is, “Change the world by being yourself.”

Before working in the helping profession, Paula worked extensively in the theatre, in NYC and abroad, and brings the creativity from her artistic background and experience, to all her endeavors with clients today.

Ron Duren, Jr.
Ron Duren, Jr.Forging Mettle®, Inc.
Five Maxims for Leadership

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we lead. Transactional leadership is being replaced by transformational leadership. A new human-centered approach to leadership is the model for the future. In this presentation, you will come away with a five step model to embrace this new approach so that you will be well positioned to excel in your career and personal relationships.

Ron Duren is at his core, a teacher. In fact, his core purpose is to elevate others through value creation, teaching and coaching.

This drives his passion to groom the next generation through leadership development and what he calls, leading to a better future. Serving in this role at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as a professor of leadership and management.

With his unique background, including adventures as a rodeo bull rider, aerobatic aviator, builder of an award winning airplane, Leadville 100 mile run participant, Ironman triathlete and semi-professional baseball player, he has a keen interest in pressure performance; regulating arousal, harnessing fear, anxiety and stress when it matters most.

After 18 years working in the corporate world as a Mechanical Engineer, he pivoted to full-time teaching and coaching to make a bigger dent in the universe by giving back and helping others find their path.

His diverse melting pot of wisdom from the business world, academia, sports and aviation make him a sought after resource on performance psychology and neuroscience.

He loves to explore the intersection of hard science, ancient philosophy and psychological skills training from the world of sports. He believes we are all athletes in the game of life and the mental game is crucial to optimal performance.

Nikki McCord
Nikki McCordMcCord Speaks
Break Free of the Status Quo

The status quo will not lead your team or organization to the next phase of development.

Mediocrity stifles creativity and forward progress. Often we can name what is keeping us mediocre, we just do not know how to change it. Understanding the tools a leader needs to coalesce their team and catapult them out of their stasis will break everyone out of the status quo.

In her experience passing legislation and building her consulting firm, Nikki has taught clients how to make decisions that are inclusive, collaborative, and have longevity by building trust within teams and making decisions that challenge the status quo. This creates a path forward to execute their decisions.

Too many programs are designed to provide tactics without effective strategies and a guide to move towards. In this session, Nikki will guide you in how to fix the core problems that are holding you back. Nikki is focused on helping organizations make transformative change by training leaders to have the courage, confidence, and fearlessness to steer them out of the status quo and into exceptionalism.

Nikki McCord is a public speaker and facilitator with over 15 years of experience leading businesses through complex problem solving. As a public speaker, Nikki empowers leaders to make decisions that are inclusive, collaborative, and have longevity by building trust within teams and making decisions that challenge the status quo. As the founder of McCord Consulting Group, Nikki works with organizations as a facilitator, creating frameworks for teams to identify their pain points and create solutions that are realistic, attainable, and transformative.

Nikki earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame where she also obtained a minor in Latin. She received her Masters of Public Policy at Michigan State University. McCord Consulting Group is an international company, with offices in the United States and Panamá.

Doug Linkhart
Doug LinkhartNational Civic League

Doug Linkhart has served as President of the National Civic League in December 2015. Prior to his work at the National Civic League, Doug served in elective office for 18 years, including as a Denver City Councilman and Colorado State Representative and Senator. Doug also served for four years as the Executive Director of Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment. Doug started his career by managing local campaigns, then worked in the federal government as a Presidential Management Intern. He later ran his own consulting business and founded a nonprofit organization to serve neighborhood associations and their residents.

Otisa A. Eads
Otisa A. EadsOtisa Eads LLC
Follow What Lights You Up

As young professionals, it will be easy to fall into the trap of “shoulding” and comparing their journey to others. Yet, what is the most important in life both personally and professionally is following what lights you up.

This session will share ways in which this way of living can only support goals, dream life, and career choices. Navigating challenges that will arise by remembering this mantra. This session will discuss how this mindset is great to use when creating a life that is aligned with one’s deepest desires. The speaker will share how she uses this with her clients and she has used this framework in achieving her goals.

Otisa Eads (she/her), an HR & Systems Strategist Consultant with a passion for optimizing businesses for growth and expansion.

With a wealth of experience, Otisa thrives on helping established business owners create efficient systems that drive success. She also finds immense joy in collaborating with start-ups, nonprofits, and business owners seeking innovative solutions to their challenges. Through her expertise, Otisa specializes in crafting impactful strategies, implementing onboarding systems, and facilitating transformative experiences such as team mediation, retreats, and workshops. Her dedication extends to planning engaging employee engagement activities that foster a positive and inclusive work environment. Driven by a commitment to justice, Otisa utilizes her business as a platform to shed light on injustices. She accomplishes this through impactful training sessions and engaging speaking engagements, encouraging dialogue and positive change.

Otisa holds dual Bachelor’s degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Bachelor of Arts from Murray State University. Originally from Westport, KY, she now calls Colorado her home, where she has resided for the past eight years.

Stephen Jaye
Stephen JayeReclaim Your Time
Less Screen Time So You Can Follow Your Passion

This session will start with a short presentation about the overall topic of reducing unintentional screen time. Then have an interactive element where audience members will be able to describe common situations where they lose time to addictive technology. Audience members will be able to respond to each other’s particular situations and struggles.

Stephen Jaye has many lifelong interests, including weather, statistics, community and helping people find alignment in life. He witnessed countless people stuck in lives they are not enjoying and saw how excessive time in front of screens caused our communities and mental heath to deteriorate. That is why he founded Reclaim Your Time, a business that helps people break the habit of spending too much time on their phones, computers and televisions and replace those habits with ones that will help them achieve a better life.

In addition to Reclaim Your Time, Stephen Jaye is the host of Action’s Antidotes, a podcast where he interviews people who pursue their passions to encourage listeners to do the same. He is also a product manager with Midiagtor, and outdoor and cycling enthusiast and has involvement with other community organizations.

Jordan Pendleton
Jordan PendletonMind | Body | Wallet
From FOMO to Financial Freedom – 4 Simple Steps for YPs to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out and Access Financial Freedom… NOW!

Have you ever felt stretched thin and had so many plates spinning? Afraid to say “no” because you’re afraid of missing out on a great opportunity, success, or having fun?

This presentation walks the audience through my story of being a notorious “yes” person, constantly chasing success, wanting MORE out of life, and completely grasped by FOMO. Ultimately, this led me to a big life, financial, and career breakdown. Through the breakdown, though, I was given the gift of a new filter to view life and success through. As well as a roadmap a for decision making that is empowering and ACTUALLY helps you live out and create the life that I was dreaming of all along and experience true financial freedom!

I share this insight and the keys that I am passionate about ALL young professionals getting ahold of that will be crucial to their life and career success.

Jordan Pendleton is a Money & Mindset Coach and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create authentic, sustainable, and soul-fulfilling financial freedom! She coaches entrepreneurs to improve their relationship and reality with money and does this through her podcast (REAL Money Talk), membership, online courses, and coaching programs.

Jordan’s passion stems from her own pain of working around the clock to build a successful financial planning business in her 20’s – only to find herself feeling empty, constantly chasing more money and clients, and in a pile of debt. She knew there had to be more to life and business than she was experiencing. Jordan has spent the last 5+ years coaching 100’s of entrepreneurs to discover the keys to creating a solid foundation for meaningful success, impact, and experience true financial freedom!

Nathan Byrd
Nathan ByrdVision Social
Unlocking Success: Mastering the Art of Networking on LinkedIn

This session provides an in-depth look at how to elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn and build meaningful connections with your network, future employers, and your community. Plus, tips on how you can update your profile during a job transition to stand out from your competitors.

A passionate partner, digital media enthusiast, and paid social expert focused on brand amplification and growth through customized digital media strategies. After spending nearly a decade working for ad agencies on some of the world’s biggest brands, I started a digital agency to bring best in class strategies to businesses who need it most.

Kenna Renee
Kenna ReneeKenna Renee Dating Coach
Communicate to Connect

Whether it’s romantic, personal, or professional the way we communicate can build trust and be memorable and move things forward. Communicate to Connect will give you a simple and modern 3 step communication process that makes people feel seen, heard and valued!

Kenna Renee takes a human behavior approach that allows women to let go of past patterns that keep them stuck dating the same person and adopt new patterns that attracts the man they want in just 6 months!

Lucy Molina-Aguayo
Lucy Molina-AguayoAdams 14 Board of Education Director

After years of showing up for her community and fighting for her kids at school board meetings, Lucy was specially appointed the director of the Adam’s 14 Board of Education in September of 2022. She’ll be running in 2023 to keep her seat at the table and would be so grateful for your support.

Kevin Carton
Kevin CartonSoul Legacy Inc.
Emcee & Panelist

Kevin Carton specializes in empowering people to discover and live their soul’s purpose. He began his journey when he took a leap of faith to leave pharmacy school to pursue his true purpose. In less than a year, he landed a job as content developer for the premier training center for transformational life coaching, establishing himself as a budding expert in the personal development industry. Now with over a decade of experience, Kevin is a speaker, teacher, and certified Transformational Life Coach. He has spoken on stages in front of thousands of people, which led to him being described as a young Bob Proctor and the next Tony Robbins. He shares weekly insight, inspiration and motivation alongside his brother & co-host Chris Carton on their podcast, Science & Spirituality, which has over 1 million downloads and listeners in 113 countries around the world. As a sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach, Kevin has helped hundreds of people breakthrough limitations and trust themselves more deeply, so they can make their unique impact of expanding consciousness in the world.

Angela Melfi
Angela MelfiThreads Worldwide

Angela Melfi is co-founder and CEO of Threads Worldwide, a social impact enterprise that creates life-changing work with women in 9 countries through the fair trade of artisan-crafted products. Angela co-founded Threads Worldwide over a decade ago with her two besties to give women in the U.S. a way to connect on purpose with women locally, and around the world, by starting their own social-impact businesses.

Dan Gomer
Dan GomerTeam Lead (real estate), Speaker/author

Dan Gomer is a former middle school science teacher turned entrepreneur. Over the years, Dan has combined his expertise in real estate investing with video, and sphere marketing to build a business that put him in the top 3% of agents in Denver. He currently leads Dan’s Home Team, which is composed of 12 realtors, and he now directs most of his time and attention to coaching and developing those agents.

Sydney Jackson-Clockston
Sydney Jackson-ClockstonCitrine Unlimited LLC

Sydney Jackson-Clockston, MTM founded Citrine Unlimited LLC in 2020 as a tool to empower and mobilize clients. Whether working with Sydney as your Leadership, Entrepreneurial, and Empowerment Coach, Trainer or Speaker, she is committed to creating a transformative experience. Sydney enjoys training and holding space for discussion on topics around thought leadership, facilitating tough conversations, building an inclusive and sustainable culture, DEIJA, and building capacity for empathy. She also has various certifications to support her work, including Trauma-Informed Care, Mental Health First Aid – Youth, Harassment Prevention, and Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

Sydney is a 2022 Good Business Colorado Award winner and just published My Own Worst Enemy: Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Sydney is also a member of Consultants For Good, Good Business Colorado, Woman in Sustainability, Posner Center of International Development, and Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.